Tom Hayes – Freedom Builders Accelerator

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Build Your Amazon FBA Brand and Liberate Yourself from the 9 to 5!

What is the Freedom Builders Accelerator Course

The last course you will need to create your own massively successful and profitable Amazon brand! Whether you’re brand new or an existing Amazon seller this course has a TON for you! With the most in-depth video walkthroughs, we will show you EXACTLY how to launch and scale your brand to dominate every aspect of Amazon from A – Z!


What You Get:

Module 1: Welcome and Amazon Seller Central Set Up

– Getting prepared with the correct mindset to build your own Amazon brand with rapid results
– How to properly set up your Amazon Sellers Account- How to set up your LLC
– Ways to fund your Business
– How to Handle Sales Tax & Insurance
– And more!


Module 2: Product Research to Dominate Your Market

– Everything you need to know to easily and predictably find successful Amazon products to sell.
– What tools to select to achieve the best and fastest results
– The 8 Liberator Product Research Methods- The Exclusive Liberator 3 tiered Product Research Technique
– The Categories to choose for maximum results and the ones to avoid
– How to check for patents, trademarks, and restrictions before selecting a product
– How to find winning products in International Markets
– How to differentiate from the competition with Brand Building Strategies
– And much much more!


Module 3: Finding and Negotiating with Quality Suppliers & Shipping Methods

– The exact step-by-step process to choose the highest quality suppliers
– Learn to source products from anywhere in the world
– The Formula to determine the exact number of units to order
– Hacks to communicate with suppliers to get fast responses
– Calculating Amazon Fees to understand what to expect before launch
– How to ship your product
– The Liberators Supplier template to contact Freight forwarders & Suppliers!


Module 4: Create a Superior Listing with Complete Optimization

– How to craft a superior, higher quality, listings that crush your competition
– The best way to get a great logo and professional branding for your product
– Finding the highest converting Keyword break down
– How to determine the price point to sell your product for the best results
– How to get the best photos in your marketplace
– Enroll in Brand Registry
– And more!


Module 5: Launching your Product, Ranking on 1st Page, & Getting Reviews

– How to properly launch your product -Key points to know before initiating your launch
– The exclusive Liberator Launch method to take over your marketplace and get sales from day one of launching
– How to get initial reviews that are Amazon Complaint
– Creating beautiful effective product inserts
– Erasing negative seller feedback from your listing
– How to use amazon coupons and more!


Module 6: Mastering Amazon PPC Advertising

– Introducing the Liberator PPC Blueprint with everything you need to know about Amazon PPC
– Step by Step how to create and run effective campaigns
– My top strategies for ranking, indexing, and increasing conversions
– Optimizing your PPC Campaigns for the best profit margins
– How to read Amazon PPC reports
– And more!


Module 7: Scaling Your Amazon Brand with Facebook Ads

– A full break down of Facebook Ads  -The proven strategies for running targeted Facebook Ads to your customers
– How to find the best influencers to promote your product
– Capture your customer’s email address with Clickfunnels
– Establishing your brand’s social media presence
– And more!


Weekly Live Calls

– 12 Weeks of Live Weekly Calls to get all questions answered by me in real-time! All calls are recorded and added to the course to reference as well!


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Tom Hayes – Freedom Builders Accelerator Contains: Videos, PDF’s

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Khalid M – Facebook Marketing School

Business Manager

Level UP Your Facebook & Instagram Ads Skills

This course will give you ALL the tools and skills you need to build the most effective and affordable Facebook campaigns.

What You Get:

The only Facebook Ads course taught by a former Facebook Employee

Teaching you what I learned from 3 years working at Facebook as a client ads consultant: the secrets, principles, and practices used by the world’s best Facebook ad marketers. I’ve also advised dozens of startups through my consultancy, and launched 6 eCommerce companies of my own.

*only publicly available information is shared, nothing breaking NDA agreement.

69+ On-Demand Video Lessons & Growing!

Covering every subject you need to know about Facebook ads: FB’s ad ecosystem, building compelling ads, the ad auction, campaign structures, bidding, and more!

AND, you get access to future material! I’m always updating the course with new content, and you’ll get access to all of it!

What makes this the most up-to-date Facebook course out there?

Everything in this course was made in December 2019. On top of that, I am constantly releasing new content based on updates to the ad platform, new solutions, and student requests.

These are the 3 newest lessons, and the dates they were released:

Released Feb 14th: Scaling Your Ad Spend

Based on student requests, I released two 20-minute lessons on how to scale your ad spend aggressively, while maintaining positive ROI.

Released Feb 10th: Ad Policy

Another highly requested topic, I created and released 50 minutes of content on how to avoid, manage, and mitigate compliance issues (disapprovals, account disables, business manager disables, etc.)

Released Feb 4th: Dynamic Creative

One of Facebook’s newer and most promising features for 2020, I built a lesson and step-by-step tutorial on Dynamic Creative, a new solution that enables you to automate the creation and testing of ads, and ad components (headlines, CTAs, videos, images, etc.).

The course is for users that want to improve their ROI and effectiveness using Facebook ads, through lessons you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

This course will enable you to more confidently leverage Facebook ads to deliver business outcomes.

With proven methods, used by the most sophisticated advertisers.

client ads consultant

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Khalid M – Facebook Marketing School Contains: Videos, PDF’s

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Project Verum – Ecom Foundations


How To Create A Successful Shopify Store

What is Project Verum: Ecom Foundations?

Project Verum: Ecom Foundations is a complete dropshipping blueprint based on over $10m+ of Facebook Ad spend, 3 years of experience in eCommerce, and methods tested across 50+ stores. It’s a course that provides you with an A-Z approach of building a successful one-product dropshipping store, while scaling it to the moon and back. It’s also packed with information containing topics nobody ever really talks about, like customer support and systems development.


In short:

It’s the last dropshipping course you’ll ever need.

What You Get:

  • Tools, Resources, Templates & Training Material
  • 12+ Hours Of Content
    • Module #1: Welcome
    • Module #2: Product Selection
    • Module #3: Store Design & Setup
    • Module #4: Facebook Ads Theory & Mechanics
    • Module #5 – Facebook Ads Strategy
    • Module #6: Backend
    • Module #7: Instagram Influencer Marketing
  • Live Calls With the Verum Team
  • Complete Email Marketing Guide From Industry Professionals


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Project Verum – Ecom Foundations Contains: Videos, PDF’s

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[GB – INSTANT DELIVERY] Mojca Zove – The Science of Facebook Ads Professional

Ads Manager

“What if I spend hundreds of dollars on Facebook Ads and nothing happens?”

Facebook Advertising is a like a complex machine with a lot of cogs and wheels you can position in different ways.

If you position them correctly, your business will flourish with the help of effective and profitable Facebook Advertising.

If you position them in a slightly different way, you risk losing your money and — frankly — patience to ever do it again.

Unfortunately, the latter scenario is a lot more common than the former.


Your business has been growing too slowly, and you’re growing impatient.

The rate at which you’re generating subscribers has been downright sad. New customers are slowly dripping in, but at this pace, it’ll take at least 5 years to see the progress you’re aiming for.

To speed up the process, you decide to try your way with Facebook Ads. After all, you’ve seen countless online marketers praise Facebook Ads and promise amazing results.

You watch a few webinars, read a couple of blog posts and implement what you’ve learned. At least you try to do your best because the strategies you obtained were very vague and superficial. But you make it work. Somehow.

This is your last hope, the last trick up your sleeve. If it doesn’t work, you’ll be back at square one.

And then … it doesn’t work.  

Your Facebook Advertising campaign goes sideways. You generate a few clicks, but your dreams about consistently generating leads and purchases are crushed.

Thinking back, you conclude that you’ve been too ambitious to begin with and you promise yourself never to do that again.


Making a decision to finally grow your business by investing in marketing and launching a Facebook Advertising Campaign is one thing.

But following that through successfully is an entirely different world.

When you decide to “DIY” your Facebook Advertising Strategy, you’re bombarded with conflicting information about what the best advertising practices actually are.

When you try to launch your first campaign, you’re faced not only with the seeming complexity of the Facebook Ads Manager but also the fact that new features are added to it on a weekly basis. And it makes it impossible to keep up with all the changes. After all, you’re not a professional Facebook Advertiser.

That’s why at one point you maybe even consider hiring a Facebook Ads expert, only to realize that finding someone with years of valuable experience and in-depth knowledge about your industry is like looking for a needle in a haystack. And when you finally find him/her, the cost of hiring a professional makes you think twice about how to proceed.

It might seem like you’re left with no options and that it would be better just to forget about scaling your business with paid advertising for a while.

But there’s one more option left.


The thing that’s holding you back from launching a profitable Facebook Advertising Campaign isn’t your lack of time. Because you would always find time for any work that would bring in more sales or leads.

The only thing that’s holding you back is lack of professional strategy and guidance.  

Now just imagine what you could do if you could get your hands on a proven step-by-step system that would help you define and find your target audience, communicate your offer effectively, and generate sales.

Imagine the heights you could reach if you could get a deep understanding of sales funnels and their implementation to the Facebook Advertising platform, get familiar with all the advanced features, and use them to your own advantage.

Imagine learning how to do all of that from someone that’s helped multiple business owners collectively generate several millions of dollars in revenue through Facebook Ads.

The feeling of taking back control of your growth is literally just a click away. Because I have something to tell you.

advertising practices

After years of successfully developing, implementing, and optimizing Facebook Advertising Campaigns for clients that ranged from small to multimillion-dollar businesses, I finally decided to pack all that knowledge together and launch a comprehensive course that teaches everyone how to do it too.

The Science of Facebook Ads is literally a step-by-step blueprint of a system that collectively generated several millions of dollars in revenue for my clients.

You’ll get access to the knowledge I collected for years while helping 50+ different businesses grow.

I’ll teach you what I’ve learned through thousands of experiments I’ve launched with my clients.

And I’ll share all of that in-depth knowledge of Facebook ads with you in 40+ video lessons that contain 9+ hours of great content and multiple worksheets and libraries.

You’ll learn everything about how to launch profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns, including how to:

  • Define your target audience and the exact strategy for reaching them
  • Determine tangible and reachable goals with The Backwards Method
  • Distribute your Advertising Budget across campaigns and audiences
  • Design an ad that attracts attention and communicates your brand
  • Optimize your campaigns using a result-based approach

But there’s more.

author of the products


The Science of Facebook Ads is a 45-lesson video course that contains 9+ hours of in-depth content, multiple worksheets and access to different libraries. Here’s exactly what you’re getting:

countless online marketers



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Matt – GetSMB Clients


The Fastest Way To 6 Figures WITHOUT A Boss Is The “SMB” Consulting Blueprint… Period!

What You Get:

25+ Hours of Step By Step Training

I Will Be Handing Over to You My Exact Blueprint To Launch Your 6-7 Figure Amazon SMB Consulting Business With More Than Enough Success Stories To Back It Up!

From Closing High Paying SMB Clients, To Outsourcing All Of The Work, To Running Profitable Facebook Ads, To Building Out A Team, This Program Has EVERYTHING Covered For You!


DONE FOR YOU Automated Client Acquisition Funnel

This Funnel Will Change Everything For You So You Won’t Have To Stress Anymore To Find New Clients Because With This Amazing New Funnel Template They Come With Money In Hand To Work With You!


Steal My Million Dollar Marketer Swipe File

You Will Never Have To Worry About Creating An Ad Ever Again! I Am Letting You Steal My Swipe File Of All Of The World-Class Marketers In The Online Marketing Industry Which I Have Compiled Over The Course Of YEARS With Close To 200 Million Dollar Ads!


7 $25 Million Amazon Client Upsell Funnels

I’m Going To Hand Over To You 7 Different Funnels GIFTED To Me By An Amazon Seller Doing OVER $25 Million In Revenue That You Can Easily Upsell To Your Clients For $5,000-$10,000 Each!

Complete Resource Automation Database

You Will Be Getting My Complete List Of All The Different Software and Websites That I Use to Completely Automate the Most Complicated Parts of My Business While Also Saving You $1,000’s In The Long Run On Things You Don’t Need!

And Lastly But GREATEST Of All…

Get Lifetime Access To The FBAZON ACADEMY

When You Sign Up Today I Will Give You My FLAGSHIP Amazon FBA Training Program With Over 40 Training Videos and 10+ Hours Of Content For COMPLETELY FREE!

I Have Sold This Exact Program For Up To $997!


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Matt – GetSMB Clients Contains: Videos, PDF’s

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Affiliate Marketing Virtual Summit 2020

Affiliate marketing

2​5+ Leading Industry Experts Show Which Tools To Use, How To Scale Ads And Profit From Affiliate Marketing


What You Get:

Schedule Day 1: The Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing

Let’s begin with fundamentals! On the first day we are going to cover everything affiliate marketing business consists of. Ad formats, offers, affiliate networks, traffic sources, tools and tactics.


Schedule Day 2: Traffic day. From Theory to Practice. (Workshops)

It makes no sense to learn without practise. On the 2nd day we will be applying our knowledge together. Five live sessions on different traffic sources and verticales. World’s top affiliates launching campaigns together with you  on-line. See it yourself from the beginning to the end.

Schedule Day 3: Facebook Day

On the third day god created… Kidding. But only partly. The biggest traffic source in the world. The beast. The source of prosperity for many affiliate marketers and online businesses. We are covering the most important aspects of it, so you could start and scale your journey too.

Schedule Day 4: Google Display Network and other Traffic Sources

Let’s begin with fundamentals! On the first day we are going to cover everything affiliate marketing business consists of. Ad formats, offers, affiliate networks, traffic sources, tools and tactics.

Schedule Day 5: E-commerce & FBA

We have a special day 100% dedicated to e-commerce and fulfilment by Amazon business model. Learn how to build successful on-line business with Retail Arbitrage. Build a strong brand and turn your affiliate career into some serious business with some of the brightest people in the industry.

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Affiliate Marketing Virtual Summit 2020 Contains: Videos, PDF’s

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Kevin Zhang – Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery


App Store
Module 1: Introduction to eCommerce and the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Lesson 1: Introduction (1:26)
​​Lesson 2: Understanding the Entrepreneurial Mindset (15:40)
​Lesson 3: The Excitement of eCommerce (5:27)
​Lesson 4: Drop Shipping as an Entry Into eCommerce (6:57)
​Lesson 5: The eCommerce Skillset (9:41)
​Lesson 6: Opportunities Beyond Drop Shipping (5:34)

Module 2: Branded Niche Dropshipping

​Lesson 7: A Unique Approach to Drop Shipping (7:07)
​Lesson 8: The Current Drop Shipping Environment (7:35)
​Lesson 9: Discussing Other Approaches: The General Store (9:38)
​​Lesson 10: Discussing Other Approaches: The Single Product Store (9:05)
​​Lesson 11: My Approach: Branded Niche Drop Shipping (7:02)
​Lesson 12: Setting Up Shopify and Oberlo (7:31)
​Lesson 13: Alternatives to AliExpress Sourcing (7:01)
​Lesson 14: How to Determine Your Niche (Triple Segmentation) (11:13)
​Lesson 15: Creating Categories for Purposeful Sourcing (23:21)
​Lesson 16: The Efficient Way of Importing Products Into Oberlo (20:44)
​Lesson 17: How to Earn Extra Cash with Every Oberlo Order (Using Admitad) (7:14)
​Lesson 18: Path from Dropshipping to Brand (22:00)

Module 3: eCommerce Consumer Psychology and the Buying Experience

​Lesson 19: The Importance of Understanding Consumer Psychology (1:20)
​Lesson 20: The Four Pillars of Consumer Psychology (4:56)
​Lesson 21: How to Master Target-Conscious Acquisition (Understanding the Three Types of Buyers) (5:08)
​​Lesson 22: The Five Golden Steps to Generating Sales (4:22)

Module 4: Introduction Shopify Web Design

Lesson 23: Introduction Shopify Web Design (1:06)
​Lesson 24: Start The Importance of Adobe Photoshop (2:43)
Lesson 25: Start Paying For Apps and Other Programs (2:23)
​Lesson 26: Start Stock Image Sites as a Great Source for Creatives (PDF Download Included) (1:25)
​Lesson 27: Start Mastering The Fabulous Five Framework (21:52)
​Lesson 28: Start How to Name your website and Pick Domains (8:57)
​Lesson 29: Start Key Characteristics of an Effective Product Page (15:54)
​Lesson 30:​ Start Turning Aliexpress Images into Engaging Product Photos (15:44)
​Lesson 31: Start How to Write Incredible Product Descriptions (Circle of Value Framework) (47:37)
​Lesson 32: Start Additional Product Page Elements (What to Include and Avoid) (3:50)
​Lesson 33: Start How to Add in Trust Badges (5:31)
​Lesson 34: Start How to Set Up Multiple Tabs with Easy Tabs (5:58)
​Lesson 35: Start How to Add Videos to Product Pages (5:19)
​Lesson 36: Start How to Add Photo Reviews (7:53)
​Lesson 37: Start Navigating Shopify platform (33:13)
​Lesson 38: Start Navigating the Shopify Theme and App Store (7:44)
​Lesson 39: Start Shopify Plans (4:06)
​Lesson 40: Start Setting Up One Click Upsell (13:36)
​Lesson 41: Start Boosting Cart Value with Cross Sells and Upsells (17:34)

Module 5: Shopify Web Design Mastery

Lesson 42: Overview of District Theme (8:48)
​Lesson 43: Start Step-by-Step Logo Creation (Full Website Build Example 1) (6:09)
​Lesson 44: Start Step-by-Step Banner Creation (Full Website Build Example 1) (17:56)
​Lesson 45: Start Step-by-Step Category Pictures Creation (Full Website Build Example 1) (14:54)
​Lesson 46: Start Final Touches (Full Website Build Example 1) (4:57)
​Lesson 47: Start Creating a Homepage Collection in District Theme (Full Website Build Example 1) (19:56)
​Lesson 48: Start Organizing Products within Collections (Full Website Build Example 1) (6:35)
​Lesson 49: Start Step-by-Step Logo Creation (Full Website Build Example 2) (5:57)
​Lesson 50: Start Step-by-Step Banner Creation (Full Website Build Example 2) (11:43)
​Lesson 51: Start Step-by-Step Category Picture Creation (Full Website Build Example 2) (9:13)
​Lesson 52: Start BONUS LESSON: Step-by-Step Full Website Build (Express Edition) (29:26)
​Lesson 53: Start Overview of Prestige Theme (5:47)
​Lesson 54: Start Step-by-Step Logo Creation (Full Website Build Example 3) (5:52)
​Lesson 55: Start Step-by-Step Banner Banner Creation (Full Website Build Example 3) (1st Banner) (31:34)
​Lesson 56: Start Step-by-Step Banner Creation (Full Website Build Example 3) (2nd Banner) (14:21)
​Lesson 57: Start Step-by-Step Category Picture Creation (Full Website Build Example 3) (11:28)
​Lesson 58: Start Final Touches (Full Website Build Example 3) (11:25)
​Lesson 59: Start Step-by-Step Logo Creation (Full Website Build Example 4) (6:08)
​Lesson 60: Start Step-by-Step Banner Creation (Full Website Build Example 4) (25:02)
​Lesson 61: Start Step-by-Step Set up of Shop the Look (Full Website Build Example 4) (8:39)
​Lesson 62: Start Step-by-Step Category Picture Creation (Full Website Build Example 4) (7:46)
​Lesson 63: Start How to Add a Tracking Page to Your Website (8:55)
​Lesson 64: Start Essential Website Pages to Include (PDF Download Included) (2:51)
​Lesson 65: Start How to Configure Your Website Footer (7:52)
​Lesson 66: Start Using Wheelio to Increase Conversion Rate and Capture Valuable Data (12:13)
​Lesson 67: Start How to Make Faster Edits with Bulk Product Editor (4:57)
​Lesson 68: Start How to Optimize Load Time on Your Website (4:16)

Module 6: Setting up your Facebook Account for Advertising

Lesson 69: Introduction to Setting Up Your Facebook Account (0:41)
​Lesson 70: Start How to Set Up Your Business Manager (8:40)
​Lesson 71: Start How to Set Up a Facebook Page for Your Business (20:10)
​Lesson 72: Start How to Set Up an Ad Account and Create a Pixel (6:07)
​Lesson 73: Start How to use Trackify for Easy Catalogs and Back up Pixel (11:38)

Module 7: How to make Engaging and Highly Profitable Advertisements

Lesson 74: Introduction to Making engaging and Highly Profitable ads (2:52)
​Lesson 75: Start The Components of a Facebook Advertisement (18:35)
​Lesson 76: Start The Key Characteristics of effective Facebook Creative (6:29)
​Lesson 77: Start Sneak Peak into Making Effective Facebook Creatives (2:27)
​Lesson 78: Start How to Make Still Image Advertisements (0:42)
​Lesson 79: Start Step-by-Step Still Image Advertisement Creation (Example 1) (19:06)
​Lesson 80: Start Step-by-Step Still Image Advertisement Creation (Example 2) (10:51)
​Lesson 81: Start How to Make Slideshow Advertisements (0:53)
​Lesson 82: Start Step-by-Step Slideshow Advertisement Creation (Example 1) (25:54)
​Lesson 83: Start Step-by-Step Slideshow Advertisement Creation (Example 2) (16:08)
​Lesson 84: Start How to Make Video Advertisements (0:52)
​Lesson 85: Start Step-by-Step Video Advertisement Creation (Example 1) (15:37)
​Lesson 86: Start Step-by-Step Video Advertisement Creation (Example 2) (15:39)
​Lesson 87: Start How to Make Killer Carousel Advertisements (0:57)
​Lesson 88: Start Step-by-Step Carousel Advertisement Creation (Best Seller Carousel) (7:49)
​Lesson 89: Start Step-by-Step Carousel Advertisement Creation (Product Angles) (3:59)
​Lesson 90: Start Step-by-Step Carousel Advertisement Creation (Video Carousel) (8:12)
​Lesson 91: Start BONUS LESSON: Step-by-Step Advertisement Creation (Express Edition) (28:47)
​Lesson 92: Start The Equation for Writing Effective Copy (8:08)
​Lesson 93: Start Let’s Talk about Emojis (2:31)
​Lesson 94: Start Putting it all Together (Step-by-Step Copy Examples) (23:52)
​Lesson 95: Start One Important Thing to Do With Every Creative (1:43)

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